• As Gada System Is an Indigenous Democratic Socio-Political System of the Oromo and an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity the Gada Great Run is unique in its type as a peace finder!

    Gada Great Run will be started a 5km running event specializing mass participation race for the first time that mainly participating of the Abba Gadas, Athletes, Tourism Professionals, Higher Government Officials and other Community Members with vision and mission that promotes an Indigenous Democratic Socio-Political System of the Oromo and an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Since it’s in infant stage, Gada Great Run will be staged for the first time in Finfine/Addis Ababa and will be expanded its races in different parts of Oromia as well as the neighborhood regional states. Currently our focus has been on taking mass-participation race in Finfine/Addis Ababa; developing capacity With Oromia Culture and Tourism Bureau and event teams of Gada Tour and Car Rental which will be held here in the capital and working with potential sponsors on a range of publicity campaigns that promote Gada as a peace finder for humanity.

    Since Oromia is the birth place for the famous world class long distance runners, Gada Great Run can’t wait planning on long terms to arrange and prepare different races in Oromia, Ethiopa and Africa that immense the oldest African democratic practice, Gada, as a peace finder for the rest of the world’s communities.

    Vision: As Gada System is the oldest democratic practice, Gada Great Run will be number one the world’s peace finder adventure race on the planet earth.

    Mission: To be the world’s best cultural event organizer at its best service provider in tourism with reasonable and affordable price that reach the host communities’ benefits.

    Uniqueness: Gada Great Run starting with blessings and Greetings by Abba Gadas and famous Athletes that is not only organize running races but also prepare symposium that creates awareness about Gada System and its values for the participants and people of Ethiopia and also organize field trips to each destinations for sharing cultural and historical experiences with lively at the spot in and around the host communities to create eco-friendly sustainable tourism development in the regional government as well in the country.

    Gada Great Run as a tourist value of event

    Events can be categorized according to their attractiveness for tourism. Even though the majority of events are tourist driven, there are a significant number of those with little or no thought given to their tourism appeal or potential. Getz (2008) explains that this is either due to the organizers’ specific aims, or there is simply no relationship established between specific events and tourism. According to events’ attractiveness for tourism, they can be classified in three following categories:

    1.      Festivals and events that are organized primarily for local residents and often with the help of volunteers. Although in the majority of the cases these events are small and have limited or none tourist attractiveness, they can still function as a valuable opportunity for visitors to the area. However, most of the local events do not have the need to be tourism oriented; their organizers even feel threatened by it and take pride in their events not being commercialized. That comes as no surprise considering the fact that they are community and culturally oriented, and massive tourism would have potential negative impacts and probably corrupt their authenticity.

    2.      Events of regional and provincial significance which can have a significant tourist attractiveness power. These events are rarely aimed to become larger. However, with the help of tourists attracted to the event and future investments, their tourist potential can be developed.

    3.      Events of national and international significance which are most attractive from the tourist point of view. These events attract national and international tourists, and can further enhance the reputation and attractiveness of certain destination. Unlike local events, their primary goal is to increase the tourism appeal of the host destination as much as possible.